NettXpress delivers useful add-ons for your online store

Visit the shop on our site and browse the add-ons selection we have. If you dont find the functionality you are looking for, please contact us. We can give you a quote on what it will cost to develop an add-on to suit your requirements.

Add-ons can easily expand the basic functionality of the online store according to your own wishes. Do you want to offer a special payment or will tailor your online store with functionality that does not come delivered in the finished package, this can be done by developing so-called add-ons.

We work with professional developers who can tailor-made add-ons according to your needs. We note that the development of new modules of course costs money, and may take some time to develop. We've allready added some modules in our shop - more will come. If you have questions or requests for add-ons, please contact us. We may in the case give you a quote.

CS-Cart also has its own API offered to developers so that it is easy to implement various online services and web shop solution. The online store may thus "talk" with various services such as: news services, financial systems, social networking, online catalogs etc.

CS-Cart Marketplace

You can also scroll through the range of add-ons and templates from CS-Cart Marketplace. Here you will find a wide range of add-ons, design templates and enhanced functionality for your online store solution.

Also remember that with the latest version of CS-Cart (version 4) you no longer depend on buying and customizing templates for giving your store a customized design. CS-Cart has now been fitted with a Theme editor which allows you to change all colors, fonts and backgrounds in your online store with a few mouse clicks.

CS-Cart is equipped with the utility Block manager, which makes it easy to move around the menus and blocks in your store, so that it appears exactly as you want for your customers. No coding required..

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