Booking and Appointments

990  kr.

This product is electronically distributed.

This addon will provide you with opportunities for booking and appointments in your online store. The module supports two types of booking:

Multiday-booking - for several days at a time - fit for travel, accommodation, rental etc.

Appointments - for a certain time on a certain day - fit for medical offices, hairdressers, gym etc.

The module can be used in combination with regular Options in CS-Cart, so you can set up all sorts of possible choices / options in check boxes or pull-down menus on the product pages in combination with the booking calendar. Everything is done at the product level, so appointments and booking can be set up differently to different types of products in your store.

It is possible to set up many kinds of settings in the module:

  • Ability to exclude specific dates
  • Number of days until you can book
  • Number of days it is open for bookings
  • Max orders on a particular day or time
  • Etc.

Available with English and Norwegian text. To translate it to other languages, simply edit the included PO-file. An english PDF manual is available above.

  • CS-Cart
Compatible with version:
  • 4.3.x
  • Various
Language :
  • Norwegian
  • English

Manual EN (Manual_EN.pdf, 409 Kb) [Download]