CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

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Are you going to start an online store? Try CS-Cart Multi-Vendor - an online store tailored for sale from several different retailers from the same storefront. You only pay a one-time price for the online store. So no running costs!

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

Multi-Vendor is an expanded version of the online store solution CS-Cart, which allows you to create an online marketplace where multiple merchants can manage the sales of their own products through a common online store.

Think of the solution as a kind of virtual shopping center where several stores can offer their products. With Multi-Vendor you get a complete ready to use online store solution with eg:

  • As many retailers you want in a marketplace
  • Customers can shop from multiple stores at once, but only pay once
  • The money goes to the admins account, which then allocates them on to vendors
  • Built in tools for the distribution of profits
  • Admin decide what kind of commission they should have per sale
  • The number of dealers is unlimited. You can have 2 or 200 different vendors
  • Every vendor can access their own admin panel, where they only see their orders and products
  • Admin has full control over the layout of all the shops and can also be moderating inappropriate content
  • Every dealer can set up their own shipping methods


Here you can test how fledged multi-dealer shop works:


Super Admin

Vendor Admin

We recommend that you register your domain name and web space at ProISP (see link at the bottom of this page). They offer hosting tailored for online store operations. Send us the server information you receive from ProISP and we install and prepare your store for you. Installation from us is only performed if the online store is paid.

REMEMBER: You can test a personal demo of the online store that is available to you in 15 days. The test period is completely noncommittal. You will find a form for this in tab above. Fill in your name and and e-mail address and we'll send you an email within 24 hours with a link to storefront and login to the admin panel of the demo store.

Want to test a personal demo of a CS-Cart online store? Fill out the form and we will create a demo store that works for 15 days. The demo shop will be ready within 24 hours. We will send you an email with links to the storefront and admin panel when it is provisioned.

NOTE: Demo shop will be with some English subtitles. When you buy an online store from NettXpress, it comes with complete Norwegian setup, currency, payment, VAT etc.

If you want to test the webstore solution Multi-Vendor, then write it in the comments.