CS-Cart Multistore

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In essence, this is a turnkey, fully-functional multi-store shopping cart platform designed to make the development and management of your multi-store infrastructure just a breeze. It will empower you with everything you may require to build multiple online stores in a quick and hassle-free manner. CS-Cart Ultimate delivers unmatched convenience and flexibility of managing all of your stores from a single common administration center. While providing you with full root control over the entire store network, this smart admin panel also allows to create any necessary number of usergroups with each one having an individually defined access to a particular storefront.

Every single storefront within your ecommerce project will run as a standalone, independent online store with its own domain name, look and feel as well as with a full range of configurable parameters. All your stores will be able to share a common database, so that every single product can be available for purchase anywhere. As a smart multi-store platform, CS-Cart Ultimate will monitor properly the whole inventory automatically.

Though you can implement different payment and shipping methods, taxes, etc. for each store. Our multi-store shopping cart software provides a unique precise customer targeting opportunity by allowing to create region-specific web stores. While using GeoIP, it will automatically detect prospect's country and redirect him/her to the related local storefront.