Web Design

We can offer a large variety of different templates for your online store. Browse through the selection of ready-made templates and see a design that fits your store.

With CS-Cart Gold we also offer an optional template included. We also help you with the installation if you wish.

webdesign fra NettXpress

Logo Design

We help you create a comprehensive and visual identity for your online store and can assist with logo design. A recognizable and memorable logo can mean a lot for an online store. We are therefore targeted to give our customers a unique and distinct identity.

The logo should be easily recognized and signal precisely what your company offer of products. A recognizable logo and a clear graphical profile can also give your store added value in terms of increased awareness, positive associations and increased sales. It is important that the design of the storefront and logo have a common thread, allowing detection effect becomes stronger. The online store is emerging as more professional and with a clear profile.

The price for designing the logo is 1500.- kr. excl. vat. and includes 3 logo draft and revision / change. You only pay if you are satisfied.

When the logo is approved, we deliver the finished logo in several file formats so that it can be used in your store as well as business cards, letterheads, advertisements, promotional material, etc.

Please contact us for a quote!

logo design

Banner Design

Need banners to the storefront or category pages? We supply you finished customized banners. The price is 950.- kr. per banner. All you need to do is send us the title and body text you want on your banner and we are designing gorgeous eye-catching banners that increases your sales.

Please contact us for a quote!

Banner design