Get started

After installing CS-Cart there are some steps you should do to customize your online store to your own preferences and needs. We have made a list of some of the most basic adaptations taht should be done before you go live with your online store.

Text and menus

1. Upload your own logo
When you are in admin, go to Design> Themes and click on the Theme editor and upload your logo either from your local computer, a server or a URL. When you're inside the Theme editor you can also change other items on the store page such as: Fonts, colors, backgrounds, favicons, etc.
2. Change the links in the footer
At the bottom of the storefront, in what is called the footer there are listed some practical information. To change / edit the contents of the footer, go to Website> Pages. You should also change how the links in the footer are presented. You do this by going to Design> Layouts Click on the Default tab, and find the blocks you want to edit and click the gear icon and then select the tab: Contents. The easiest way to edit the text that is already there, but you can also enter your own HTML code.
3. Change text
If there are words or text phrases you want to change, go to the Administration> Language> Translations, Enter phrase or the word you want to change and replace it with the text you want.
4. Banners
The banners on the front can be changed and edited from Marketing> Banners. To change the order or how they are presented, go to Design> Layouts and press the tab Homepage. Click the gear icon on Main Banners, and make the changes you want.
5. Metadata
In order for Google and other search engines to find you, it pays to update your meta descriptions in your online store. Jump to: Design> Layouts. In the Default tab, click on the small sprocket, and you will get a window where you can enter the appropriate metadata. Do the same in the tab: Homepage.

Practical features

1. Order statuses
When an order is placed in your store it will have different statuses. Such as: Rejected, Sent, Paid, etc. These will also be visible to your customers when they receive mail and when they log in to My Account. To customize and change the text of the order statuses, go to Administration> Order Statuses click Edit, and make the changes you want.
2. Shipping
Go to Administration> Shipping and Tax> Shipping Methods, and either edit one of the options that are there or add a new one.
3. Taxes
Go to Administration> Shipping and Taxes> Taxes and either edit one of the options that are there or add a new one.
4. Payments
Go to Administration> Payment methods and add or edit to set up the payment methods you want to use in your store.
5. Currency
Go to Administration> Currencies to set up the different currencies you want to sell.

Other settings

There are some other settings you can change to get the best possible online store. We list here some optional but useful settings we recommend that you do.
1. Preferences
You should go systematically through all the menus you'll find in the Settings tab at the top. It is especially menus: General, Appearance and Company that are important. Also check Image verification, to choose where you want a CAPTCHA check.
2. SEO
Go to Add-ons and look for an add-on called SEO. We recommend that you enable this, to get the most searches friendly URLs in your store.
3. Google
While in Add-ons you may also want to enable Google Sitemap and Google Analytics. Remember that you must register with Google to use Google Analytics. Google Sitemap should be submitted to Google Webmaster Tools.
Then you are ready to start selling from your new CS-Cart online store. Now it only remains to add your own products and categories, then you are going.