Logo Design

1490  kr.
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We help you create a comprehensive and visual identity to your online store, and can help you with logo design. A recognizable and memorable logo can mean very much for an online store. We are therefore targeted and hard to give our customers a unique and distinct identity.

The logo should be easily and recognize and signal precisely what your company offers of products. A recognizable logo and a clear graphical profile can also give your store added value in terms of increased awareness, positive associations and increased sales. It is important that the design of the storefront and logo have a common thread, allowing detection effect becomes stronger.

The price for designing the logo is 1500.- kr. excl. VAT. and includes 3 logo draft and revision / change.

When the logo is approved, we deliver the finished logo in several file formats so that it can be used in your store as well as business cards, letterheads, advertisements, promotional material, etc.