Mobile Commerce

Get your CS-Cart store mobile-ready with Twigmo! Twigmo is a set of tools to make an online store mobile-friendly for customers and merchants.

Mobile Storefront

Twigmo Mobile Storefront is a mobile version of an online store for iOS, Android, and Windows 8 devices. It determines if a visitor uses a mobile device and shows to the customer the specially designed mobile storefront.

  • Mobile user friendly — stylish and user-friendly interface allows iOS, Android, and Windows 8 users to browse through the online catalog, search products and make purchases easily.
  • Customers do not need to install any additional software to use the mobile storefront.
  • Run with the existing live store — keep using your current CS-Cart store, just enhance it with mobile features.
  • Affordable usage fees or even free if you do not need mobile checkout.

Watch Twigmo Mobile Storefront in action on the demo page.

Mobile Application of Your Store

The Platinum plan allows you to create your own store application. With your app your customers feel even more comfortable shopping via their mobile devices.

The app includes all the mobile storefront features. Moreover, it brings push notifications. Since these notifications are pushed right to the screen of a mobile device, your customers won’t miss them.

Download demo applications:

Mobile Application for the Store Admin

Twigmo Mobile Admin is an iOS and Android application that is available in the AppStore and Google play for Twigmo users on paid plans. It lets you control your store from a mobile device in a secure and easy way.

Products, customers, and order data are securely transferred to be reviewed, edited and sent back to the store.

Moreover, the application notifies you of newly placed orders.

All store administrators and vendors (in Multi-Vendor) can use the admin application. The app takes into account admin limited permissions. For example, additional admins won’t see the orders without the root admin’s permission.

  • Simple yet feature rich — mobile application brings the most vital functions of your online store to your mobile device.
  • Multiple store support — manage several stores using one device.

Twigmo Mobile Application for CS-Cart

A free 14-day trial is available for most of Twigmo plans, except the Platinum plan.

For more information about Twigmo, please visit Twigmo, you can also report a bug, suggest a feature, communicate with the other Twigmo users on the Community Forums and contact Twigmo support.