Help and assistance when you need it

When starting a new online store or transfer an existing web shop solution to CS-Cart, you will often have a few questions about settings and layout of the new online shop solution. With CS-Cart you always have the possibility of getting help if there are any questions. When ordering the online store from NettXpress you automatically get support credit of 30 points, which you can use to ask CS-Cart Helpdesk about anything regarding the store. Please note that all communication is in English.

Of course you can also make direct contact with NettXpress and we'll help you get started. We charge 990.- per hour, so we encourage you to gather your questions, if you have several.

One of the advantages of Choosing CS-Cart from NettXpress as your online store solution is that you always have the opportunity to get help. If you choose a free online store like: Magento, OpenCart or prestashop you have no chance to get the help you will often need in a start-up period as no free solutions offer dedicated support.

The day your store is not working properly and you lose revenue from potential customers who can not buy goods at the store, you will be glad you have the opportunity to get help from experts. Nor do you need a current support agreement. You simply buy some support credit when you need it, and CS-Cart draws points from your credit depends on how comprehensive the assistance is. If you do not need any help, you pay nothing.

So do not be afraid to use our support department or CS-Cart Helpdesk. We'll get you started so that your online store solution should have the best conditions for success.