We help you get started with your online store

It is easy to install CS-Cart from NettXpress yourself. You can do so by following this guide. We also know that there are many who most of all want to get started with online sales, and is not necessarily interested in servers, hosting and databases. We're happy to install the online store for you. Anyone who buys one of our online store packages are offered free installation.

To get started with your own online store, there are 3 things that need to be done:

1. Registering a domain name

In order to start an online store, the online store needs to have a domain name. The most common is that one chooses a .no address, but you can also choose a .com address if you have ambitions to sell outside Norway.

2. Hosting

You also need a web hotel where the database and files for the store can be placed. We recommend ProISP - where you can both register a domain and also order web hosting at an affordable price. ProISP servers are specially adapted to operate an online store in the best possible way.

3. Installation

Once you have a domain name and a web hotel, all that remains is to install the online store. If you do not want to install the online store yourself, we can do this for you. It assumes that you have ordered and paid for one of our online store packages and that you provide us access to your web hotel.

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